• Q.How Much Coverage Do I Need??? - D.I.M.E. Theory!?!

    A.D- I want to make sure all of my DEBT is taken care of for my family in case I die prematurely. These are things such as credit cards, loan payments, car payments, and funeral expenses.

    I – I want to make sure a portion of my INCOME is going to my family for a certain amount of years after I pass away. Example: You are making $100,000 per year and understand that you family/loved ones will no longer be able to receive this amount. You may want them to have 5 years worth of income ($500,000 of death benefit added into calculation) to mourn for your passing without feeling that financial gap.

    M- I want to make sure my MORTGAGE is paid off in case I pass away prior to that time frame. The remaining balance on your mortgage will be paid off at time of your passing to alleviate that additional financial burden for your spouse/other beneficiaries.

    E- I want to make sure that I can still pay for my children’s EDUCATION, even in the case of a premature death. This is an important aspect that individuals do not realize when planning for their correct death benefit coverage

    ***Set an appointment with a Life Insurance Strategy Specialist to help you determine what your number should be and see whether it is better to have Term Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, or a combination of Both for your specific situation. Our proprietary techniques show you ways on how to save thousands of dollars in life insurance premiums. You can call us 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week at 1-800-566-1002!

  • Q.Is it Time for My Life Insurance Review???

    A.80% of current life insurance policies need to be updated and result in thousands of wasted premium dollars every year!

    Here’s a list of changes that might have occurred in your life to give us a call on a Life Insurance Review:

    -Recently married or divorced?

    -New child or dependent?

    -Purchased a home?

    -Started, currently own, or sold a business?

    -Planning to transfer ownership of your business during your lifetime?

    -Received an inheritance?

    -Need to plan for retirement?

    -Need to support anyone with special needs or an elderly family member?

    -Need to fund a higher education?

    -A change in employment or salary?

    -Children left the household?

    -Death of spouse or child?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions make sure to contact a Life Insurance Strategy Specialist by simply calling 1-800-566-1002.  We are available to speak 24 hours a days, 7 days a week!